Big Boy Review

Big Boy Review

We want to bring you the best reviews for Big Boy and we found them…

Here is a positive review from chris: Bob’s is DEEEEELICIOUS The Big Boy is the best burger you can get, bar none. Everything from McDonald’s/Burger King/Ruby’s can’t compare. The service is quick and the restaurant is well-maintained. It’s a good place to take the family and have a good meal for cheap, And their menu isn’t restricted to burgers; they also have good chili, chiabatta sandwiches, fried chicken, salads, and malts. Bob’s rocks.

Here is another positive review from dariusn209: I remember going to Bob’s Big Boy as a kid when i lived in Torrance. I went to the one on Hawthorne on march 13, 2012, and had a great time with my family. Liked: The service, The Bobs original and spaghetti chili cheese, Atmosphere.

As you can see this place is one to check out today.

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