Yogurtland Review

Yogurtland Review

We want to bring you the best reviews for Yogurtland and we found them…

Here is a positive review from Shawn Besabella: It’s like crack for the soul and you’ ll never want to go to rehab for it. Peppermint and pistachio are by far the best combination you can get.

Here is another positive review from Reviews for da ppl: Real cheap n very delucious never had a problem here and its always clean n stocked.

Here is another positive review from Malicomatt: So delicious, and the cheapest yogurt place ever.

As you can see this place is one to check out today.

Frozen yogurt the way you want it. The fun is in the design of your own cool culinary creation with 16 flavors and 48 toppings at Yogurtland.