Versailles Cuban Food Review

Versailles Cuban Food Review

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Here is a positive review from rich G: I used to come here all the time 5 years ago when I studied in the area. My girlfriend and I would split the amazing chicken dish with garlic and onions that they are famous for. The trick was making sure we both ate equal quantities of the food so our breaths would be as equally potent and potentially cancel itself out for the rest of the evening. Haven’t been back lately so I’m not sure on prices but it was a great deal back then, under $10 for the dish and we’d still have leftovers.

Here is another positive review from claudia1123: Great food and excellent service.

As you can see this place is one to check out today.

Versailles Cuban Food sets the bar up pretty high.  This is a great Cuban restaurant that is worth the drive.  Not sure why they call it Versailles.  That sounds French to me.  The food however, is just amazing.  Southern California is a mecca of dining hotspots.  We are fortunate to have such amazing choices.  Versailles Cuban food really shines as a fun and trendy place that will survive due to its great food, service and prices.