Giamela’s Submarine Sandwiches Review

Giamela’s Submarine Sandwiches Review

Giamela's Sandwiches

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We want to bring you the best reviews for Giamela’s Submarine Sandwiches and we found them…

Here is a positive review from Cynthia: Best Subs, hands down! I’ve been going to Giamela’s for years now! Ever since I could remember! They’ve never let me down. I love their huge turkey subs with extra pickles! Their lasagnia is delicious for when you’re really hungry. And the soup for a cold day! They’ve got great customer service and they’ve never lost their touch.

Here is another positive review from ringokageyama: You know it is a good place to eat when all the Working Class people stop by. This is the EVERYMAN’S sub shop so come hungry & leave full of meaty goodness.

As you can see this place is one to check out today.

Giamela’s has awesome sandwiches made just like you want them.  Been doing it that way for so many years that I just have to keep coming back for more.  Try them all!  You can’t go wrong.

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