DoLy’s Delectables Review

DoLy’s Delectables Review

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We want to bring you the best reviews for DoLy’s Delectables and we found them…

Here is a positive review from shop: Delicious Bakes/ Eats; Should Get More Exposure. I work in the building and have gone there intermittently for breakfast and lunch. Jonathan the owner is a great baker and a welcome face when you are getting your brain started in the morning. All the baked croissants, muffins, turnovers have been fresh and deliciously buttery.

Here is another positive review from I & E: Always Fresh I used to work in the building for about 2 years. I will say this, Johnathan knows how to bake and the consistency is always on the mark or beyond.

As you can see this place is one to check out today.

Doly’s has a cool vibe and great coffee. The sweets here are awesome too. Doly’s is a great place to meet up with your friends when you are looking to kick back a little and get your day started.

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